Basically, the information you need is a 3-year business plan, information on past and current financing rounds, if any, and qualitative information about the team, the product/service and the market to answer a 20-question questionnaire. To familiarize yourself with the tool, you can always create a free account and take a look at the input fields.
The platform and the valuation methods used are designed for startups (i.e. early-stage and fast growing companies). However, the valuation advanced settings section allows the user to modify the valuation parameters and adapt the valuation to other types of companies. The user must pay special attention when valuing the following type of companies:
  1. Public companies
  2. Mature companies (i.e. in business for more than 10 years)
  3. Companies in liquidation or bankruptcy
  4. Companies in the banking and real estate sector
UpValuations allows the valuation of startups from more than 100 different countries. If a country is not on the list, it is probably because we do not have enough data for you to perform the valuation. If your country is not on the list you can always contact us and we will try to find a solution.
If you have the information at hand (see question 1 for more information) you can have a professional valuation report in your email within 15 minutes.
You can correct and change the inputs as often as you like within the period of your plan.
For users with a Plus plan, the following inputs cannot be changed: company name, country and year of foundation. If you made a mistake and need to change any of these inputs please contact us.
You have no limits! So you can make as many valuations as you want of your company while your plan is active.
This depends on the type of plan you have taken out.
Pro users can value an unlimited number of companies.
Plus users can only value one company, but you can make as many changes and scenarios as you want while your plan is activated (with the limits explained in question 6). If you want to upgrade your to Pro plan to be able to value more than one company at the same time please contact us.
The selection of a suitable industry is relevant in order to make a correct valuation, since many inputs (operating margins, multiples, betas...) depend on it.
UpValuations uses the Thomson Reuters Business Classification as it provides a very detailed industry breakdown.
In this list you can find descriptions for each of the different industries to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable one.
However, remember that you can make unlimited valuations, so if you are hesitating between several industries you can see how the valuation changes depending on the selected industry.
When allocating weights to the different valuation methods, we have to consider what stage the company is in. Some methods such as the Scorecard or the Financing round are more suitable for (very) early-stage companies, while other methods are more suitable for more mature business models.
Qualitative information is more important in the early stages as a detailed business plan is usually not available and revenue and cost estimates cannot be made with any level of certainty. This is why methods such as the Scorecard or Financing round become more important in this situation.
As the business matures, the company has a track record which makes the quantitative information more reliable and therefore more weight can be given to the two DCF methods.
As for the VC method, it is in the middle of these extremes, as it reflects the investor's view and serves to balance the valuation in intermediate scenarios.
In addition to the information entered by the user, we use different data sources that we update on a regular basis.
The report provides a detailed breakdown of what information is used for each analysis and which source of information is used.
To mention some of the sources of information used: Crunchbase, Prof. A. Damodaran, NYU Stern School of Business, International Monetary Fund, among others.
UpValuations services do not include any analysis of financial information and/or accounting records or an audit or any other kind of review to confirm the accuracy or completeness of the inputs and information used in the computation process. The resulting valuation and report are of the client’s sole responsibility.


There are three different types of subscription:
    1. Free: designed to become familiar with the platform. It allows you to make one valuation, but you will not receive the valuation report nor will you be able to access the valuation advanced settings. You will only see the result of your valuation on the website.
    2. Plus: this paid plan allows the user to access the platform for 3 months from the time of purchase. The user will be able to perform an unlimited number of valuation from a single company.
    3. Pro: annual paid plan that allows the user to value an unlimited number of companies unlimited times.
Plus: no, at the end of the 3 months your plan ends automatically. You can always extend your plan by an additional 3 months to continue using the platform.
Pro: your subscription will be automatically renewed on an annual basis. Therefore, you will have to cancel the subscription before the renewal takes place. Once the renewal has been cancelled you can continue to use the platform until your current subscription expires.
If you do not renew your plan your account will be inactive but your data will still be stored, so if in the future you decide to reactivate your account you will be able to access all your information and continue from where you left off.
Currently you can pay with PayPal, sofort or credict card but we are working on more possibilities.


UpValuations work with a certificate provided by a regulated certificate authority which allows us to make sure the information provided has not been altered between our servers and your device. Once in our system the information is stored in our database which is in a different server. We work with the highest standards and try always to be updated with the latest tools in web development to make our platform safe for you.
We are a internet based company and we know the way we treat the customer information is extremly important.

Other features

The advanced valuation settings show the standard valuation options by default. These settings allow users with valuation skills to adjust the valuation and create new scenarios.
Yes, you can enter a description of your company as well as specific information for the company section of the report and other additional features, such as choose the colour of the report.