We make valuations easy

UpValuations helps you to calculate and understand the value of your company

How does UpValuations work?


UpValuations combines qualitative and quantitative information from the user together with information from reliable external information sources to enable the user to create a professional valuation report. Update your valuation as often as you like and always keep the report up to date.

As simple as...

  • answering 20 questions about the team, the company and the market
  • entering a 3-year business plan
  • having 15 minutes to fill in all the data.
  • receive a detailed and transparent 30-page report by email
  • receive a One Pager by email

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Why UpValuations?

Suitable to all startups

Thanks to handpicked valuation methods, you can adapt the valuation throughout the different stages of a startup's development.

Reliable data sources

We update our database on a regular basis with reliable sources tailored to a wide number of countries and industries.

Valuation report

Create and customise your own professional valuation report. Display your results in a transparent and detailed way and keep your valuation always up to date.

Step by step valuation

You don't need to have financial knowledge, UpValuations guides you in an intuitive and simple way to calculate and understand your valuation.

Advanced valuations settings

Do you have advanced financial skills? Use the full potential of UpValuations to generate new valuation scenarios.


We care about your data, we do everything we can to protect your confidential information.

For whom is UpValuations suitable?


An intuitive and powerful tool designed for startups

  • Value your startup in an intuitive and easy way, without the need for financial knowledge
  • Understand in a simple and quick way how investors value your company
  • Prepare for negotiations with investors and get the most out of your work

Let's start!


Supporting investors & corporates in analysing startups

  • Compute investment analysis or challenge your valuation
  • Create a professional valuation report in minutes and spend your time in tasks that bring greater value to your investments
  • Define new valuation scenarios thanks to the advanced valuation settings

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Helping incubators & accelerators to offer a differential service

  • Help your startup portfolio to get ready for the next financing round negotiations
  • Support your startup portfolio in understanding how much they worth
  • Add to your portfolio of services a professional valuation platform designed 100% for startups

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Our Mission

We believe that a fair deal is the best start for a beneficial collaboration between entrepreneurs and investors. We aim to help to set the basis for a fair negotiation that allows the parties to reach an agreement in order to ensure the success of the project.

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