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1. How involved is the majority of the management team in the company?

2. Have any of the founders had previous entreprenuerial experience?

3. Does the management team have business managerial experience?

4. How many years of relevant industry/business experience does the management team have collectively?

5. Does the management team have experience to scale up startups?

6. Does the startup team have all the main technical skills to reach the business plan in the short term?

7. Have you tested the demand for the proposed product/service?

8. What is the current degree of retention of your customers/users?

9. How would you define the existing competitive products/service?

10. How would you describe your product/service compared to your competitors' solutions?

11. Is your product/service scalable?

12. How would you define the stage of the product/service roll-out?

13. How strong are your relationships with strategic partners?

14. Do you plan on international expansion in the short-term (less than 12 months)?

15. What is the size of your total addressable market?

16. How would you define the level of competition in your addressable market?

17. How would you define the level of threat of substitutes products?

18. How would you define the level of implementation of your marketing / promotional activities?

19. How would you define your capacity to access funding (e.g. investors, banks)?

20. What exit opportunities does the company offer to investors?

Values in units
Budget FY+1
Plan FY+2
Plan FY+3

Cost of good solds
Personnel expenses
Sales & marketing
Other costs

Amortization & Depreciation


Balance sheet items

Values in units
Existing inventories
Existing trade receivables
Existing trade payable

Accumulated tax losses
Fixed assets
Intangible assets
(excl. Goodwill & brands/trademarks)

As of valuation date
Interest-bearing debt
Interest rate of debt (%)
Excess cash
Debt-like items
Net Debt

Exit Plan information

Current Shareholder Structure

Type of investor
Capital Share (%)

Past Funding Rounds

Financing round
Amount raised
(in units)
Post-Money valuation
(in units)
Percentage of equity (%)

Current Funding Round

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Strength of the Entrepreneur
Size of the Opportunity
Strength of the product and intellectual property
Marketing Sales Partners
Competitive environment
Need for additional rounds of financing

Financing Round Method
Venture Capital
DCF Multiple
DCF with LTG

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